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Marks of Spirituality

Our title immediately calls for a caution. Spirituality, like “humility” and other noble qualities, is an elusive characteristic. When we think we have it, we have by that thought lost it. I am reminded of the man who wrote a … Continue reading

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Now concerning the “spirituals”, I would not have you ignorant.

Some Cessationists dismiss Pentecostal doctrine and practices on the basis of, among other things, the superficial claim that it features so sparsely in the life and teaching of the New Testament. Some go so far as to state that there … Continue reading

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John MacArthur’s STRANGE FIRE CONFERENCE – Wed. Oct 16 to Sat. Oct 19, 2013.

Editorial introduction by Philip L. Powell to the following IMPRESSIONS by Anton Bosch. As a traditional (classic) Pentecostal I find myself in a great deal of sympathy with John MacArthur and his associates at the Strange Fire Conference recently held … Continue reading

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