JOHN PIPER – On Prophecy

We received this inquiry following our posting John Piper’s You-Tube on Prophecy:

What are your thoughts on John Piper and his position?

As far as we can determine John Piper is a Calvinist with charismatic leanings. We would endorse some but not all his views on the present day reality of the work of the Holy Spirit. His teaching on prophecy would be similar to our own i.e. it is a simple “word of prophecy” for edification, comfort and exhortation. It does not carry the same weight of authority as the prophetic utterance of Scripture and must be judged at all times by Scripture.

While we would have considerable differences with John Piper over his Calvinism as we perceive it, our major problem with him is the way that he endorses Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven heresies. We have published on this at under the title “DESIRING GOD – OR DESIRING INFLUENCE.”

At least JP is not cessationist in his view and would differ considerably is his teaching about the gifts of the Holy Spirit to that of John MacArthur. JP’s view would be much closer to my own view on that subject.

Respectfully in Christ’s service,

Philip L. Powell – 11 December, 2013

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