muchfruit# – 04

In continuing this series, first I want to thank those who have made kind comments of encouragement and secondly, point out that if you have been blessed by my musings it will help if you share the message by copying them to your friends on Face Book. Please forward the full message. I have noticed that some have copied only the link, which, as far as I know does not include the text, but takes the recipient to one of our websites. I am catching on slowly.


“He purges (i.e. prunes) it that it may bring forth MORE FRUIT ..” John 15:2.

Obviously it must be MORE of the same, and this introduces the thought of influence; but it is NOT our influence i.e. of our own persona, ministry, movement or denomination. Seeing the fruit is produced by the vine and not by the branch, in the John 15 context all levels (and there are three) of fruit bearing must relate to Christ, the True Vine i.e. His Nature, Character and Life – “without ME you can do nothing at all.” Pruning is necessary as any horticulturist will testify. It gets rid of the dead wood and allows the life of the vine to maximise its effectiveness and do its work.

The spiritual analogy is clear but we humans are so slow to learn and so we clutter the vine with dead wood – human activity, pomp and prestige; chasing fame and calling it “making God famous” as if we can or He is lacking in that regard in anyway. We mistake these things for real spiritual “influence” when all they do is project our own work or so called ministry. INFLUENCERS, PLANET-SHAKERS – what and who are they influencing? What are they shaking? Forgive me if I sound facetious – they can sure shake the platform on which they perform.

“Live in ME and I will LIVE in you” is a reasonable paraphrase of John 15:4. That is the key to “bearing” fruit – SOME fruit and MORE fruit, leading to MUCH fruit which is the final level and that of our next consideration. Dead works will never produce fruit, whether it be music, oratory or anything else. Christian fruit is never the product of struggling or much activity. It is produced by the LIFE of Christ through the Holy Spirit:

“Casting all your cares upon Him for HE has you always in HIS care”.

“Take MY yoke … and you will find REST …”

Thank you and God bless you.

Philip L. POWELL.

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