The home-call of Philip L Powell

An email received Sunday 26th April 2015 at 12:13pm from Brother Jeff Pitman.
Good Morning Brothers and Sisters
Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
It is with blessed Hope I write this morning, to let you know that your friend and fellow pastor, Philip Lewis Powell has escaped his tent and has met with His Saviour over on the other Shore.At 3:42am Brisbane Australia, this Lord’s Day, Sunday the 26th of April 2015, the call was given and Philip answered.
I know each of you held a place in Philip’s heart, as you worked with him as fellow Bond Slaves and errand boys, to bring Glory to God in the name of Jesus.
On Behalf of Kathleen and the Family (Powell and Pitman), Thank you for your continued prayer, friendship and labour in the Gospel.
The CWM family here and abroad, by God’s Grace, will continue to keep our hand on the plough, and not look back, until we all can be in the presence of our Saviour.
I look forward to hearing from you, as you are able, and will keep you updated on the Funeral arrangements here in Brisbane.

Please feel free to publicise this news as you see fit.

Every Blessing in Christ!

Jeff Pitman

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4 Responses to The home-call of Philip L Powell

  1. Paul Harkins. says:

    This news has left me with a heavy heart, I know that Philip has now arrived at his eternal destination, and praise God for that. However I do have a real sense of sorrow that he is no longer with his family and friends. To Kathleen and family, I thank you for the emence support that you have given Philip in his work while on this journey and his work. May you all be blessed and comforted during this time. Warmest regards, from Paul Harkins

  2. humprint1 says:

    Thank you, absent in the body and present with the Lord. My sincere condolences to Phillips wife and family. Gpd bless . Jan Tweedie

  3. Paul Harkins says:

    Philip Powell, a True Trophy 0f Grace

  4. Philip Powell was a true gift to the Body of Christ in Australia, NZ, and beyond. Philip ministered immensely to me through his articles long before I met him in person. So thankful I did get to know him years later. Time and distance will sadly keep me away from his funeral but I do look forward to spending more time with him in eternity.

    They say you can judge a man by his friends. I would say you can also judge a man by his enemies. Philip shone in both departments. He was a man who was never for sale with convictions that could not be bought. May godly uncompromising men rise up down under and fill the giant void left by brother Philip Powell!

    May God give a special measure of grace to his wife and family at this time. Until we meet again Philip!

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